Our Brand

feeling good

The secret to the Burger Base®️ brand success has always been simple – FEELIN’ GOOD.


Our recipe combines hardworking individuals and great-tasting food that’s served in a welcoming environment. What began as a quest amongst the founders to find the best inspiration for burgers worldwide quickly boomed into one of the most promising, diverse burger spots in the U.K.


From the American home of burgers, to flavoursome France, via dynamic Dubai, soulful South Africa and many more stops along the way, Burger Base has created a unique Burger style after extensive efforts with one single aim in mind – to make the most “feel good” burgers possible.


Food franchising is on the rise, with 3 U.K. stores already open to delight; Burger Base’s ®️ products’ rapid-growth potential means we are looking to add 5 more stores by the start of summer 2021.

Dream Team

Not only do we have the tastiest burgers available in the market, we also have an amazing operations team.


Collectively, over 100 years of experience in the F&B sector with big names such as Dominos®, training, franchising and managing over 200 stores.


We know how to train people, we know how to operate stores and we can help you make your first step into the F&B sector, or help you expand your portfolio to run multiple stores and make your investment work for you.

Come and be part of our sizzling success

If you’re looking to play a bigger role in your community or in the world of providing good quality food at affordable prices, boy do we have a proposition for you!


We’re looking for qualified individuals or groups to drive our Legacy as a Burger Base®️ franchisee. Are you motivated and willing to help us promote the FEELIN’ GOOD factor to our customers with the revitalising atmosphere, delectable food, and burger-obsessed happiness you’ve come to know and love?


If so, we have the resources to guide you towards a successful Burger Base®️ franchise ownership.