Burger (patty on a bun)

Base (a starting point - the foundation)

Burger Base® is the ultimate starting point for your Burger journey. Crafted from tasting the finest burgers worldwide after years of travelling, from childhood up to today.


A quest was started amongst the founders to find the best inspiration for burgers, with each country and region having their own unique twist. From the American home of burgers, to flavorsome France, via dynamic Dubai, soulful South Africa and many more stops along the way, BurgerBase® has created a unique Burger style after extensive efforts with one single aim in mind – to make the most “feel good” burgers possible.


We’ve selected the best burgers America has to offer, combined with twists from around the world and finally bringing it all back home to the UK.

We’ve taken British Burgers to the next level and we’re FEELIN’ GOOD about what we have crafted, and we know you will too.


Now we’re on a mission to make Britain The Base for Burgers for the rest of the world. Using only the finest quality ingredients and some British industriousness, we now have a Burger standard that the rest of the world can only dream about.


When it comes to Burgers and American fast food, BurgerBase® are not clowning around.

As you can tell, we’ve even added in a dash of cheeky British banter free of charge to give BurgerBase® that kick it needs to truly being the home of the best American style burgers this side of the Atlantic.


BurgerBase® is the home of ‘feel-good’ food and excellent hospitality.

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